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Wonder woman Backpack Set

Wonder woman Backpack Set

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Super Student

Maybe you’re wondering how Wonder Woman became so, well, wonderful! The answer is simple – she studied. No, don’t yawn! Studying is pretty heroic when you think about it. Being the best kind of superhero requires a lot of training. You need to know weaponry skills, of course, but you also need to learn languages, diplomacy, science, history, and so much more! It’s a lot of work, but it’s pretty fascinating – plus, when Ares, the God of War comes back to Earth to ruin the day, you’re able to defeat him with your knowledge of the past and your understanding of strategy.

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Because studying to be Earth’s defender can get intense, you definitely need a great carrier for all of your superhero supplies. This officially licensed 5 Piece Backpack Set Wonder Woman comes to your aid. Decorated with Wonder Woman’s brave golden logo, it includes a sturdy backpack, lunch bag, water bottle, zippered case, and even a gel bead ice pack for keeping your super snacks cool. t’s the perfect accessory for any champion.

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