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Rolly Pet Xoxo Axolotl

Rolly Pet Xoxo Axolotl

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Experience the magic of affection with the XOXO Axolotl, a captivating character from the treasured Rolly Pets collection. Known for their unique and engaging posture, these plushies sit charmingly on their endearing tushies, with legs lifted joyfully and arms outstretched for a loving embrace.

This axolotl plush, clad in its adorable natural pink hue, captures the heart with its irresistible charm and gentle expression. Cradling a radiant red heart adorned with the sweet message "XOXO," this plush embodies the spirit of love, representing both kisses and hugs in a delightful and tangible way.

Embrace the season of affection with this aquatic companion, a perfect selection for Valentine’s Day or any occasion that calls for a heartfelt gesture. The XOXO Axolotl is not just a plush; it’s a messenger of love, ready to convey your deepest sentiments and brighten the day of whoever receives it.

Choose this delightful Rolly Pet to spread joy, affection, and a little aquatic charm, ensuring a smile and a cherished moment for your special someone.

Send a Splash of Love: Gift the XOXO Axolotl Plush:

  • This plush is approx. 4.5" x 4.5" x 5" in size.
  • Made from the highest-quality materials so the love never ends
  • This adorable frog plush was designed to perfectly balance on its behind
  • Each plush holds a heart on its tummy that has its own special loving phrase
  • To ensure stability and quality, this plush contains bean pellets suitable for all ages
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