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Real Littles Bag Collection

Real Littles Bag Collection

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The Real Littles Bag Collection is back and this season they're even more fashionable with all new surprises inside! Small but with so much style, this season there are six new bags to collect, each one themed using the latest materials and finishes! It's all about style and surprises! With bags for the gamer, the beach, or lovers of makeup, bunnies, mermaids or unicorns, these cute Handbags and backpacks are the "Must Have" accessory this year! In every bag you will find 6 surprises that match the theme of the bag. Open up your bag to find all-new items like mini Headphones, Sunglasses, Notebooks, lipstick, Pencils and Pencil Cases and much more! There are 30 plus surprises to find and collect across Series 4! Each collectible bag has its own cute mini matching Bag Charm. Mix and match the way you like. The Real Littles Bags Collection is so perfect to accessorize with! Clip them onto your school bag, Handbag or even your belt loop and get your style on! Real Littles are "Things You Love Made Micro"!

Real Littles Bag Collection - 6 bags to collect!
• Pick a style that suits you! Unicorn, Bunny, Gamer, Makeup, Beach or Mermaid
• 6 matching surprises in each bag!
• There are over 30 Surprises to collect!

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