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Queenie Cards Let's Avocuddle Plush Set

Queenie Cards Let's Avocuddle Plush Set

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The original "let's avocuddle" design as an adorable plush set! The perfect gift for any occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day). 

Our most well-known duo since 2015, Avery and Ava love to cuddle up together under a blanket, each with a good book and a yummy snack! They both enjoy watching documentaries, and are always awaiting their next adventure around the globe, especially to any Disney parks!

  • The original "let's avocuddle" design by queenie's cards (registered Copyright and Trademark)
  • Each toy measures approximately 8” H x 5” W x 4.5” D
  • Magnet inside each toy’s face for maximum cuteness, so the avocuddles can kiss!
  • Embroidered with “let’s” on the back of one toy and “avocuddle” on the other
  • Includes carrying case
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