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The Mouse Terrarium

The Mouse Terrarium

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Grow Your Own Succulent Star Plant Mouse With Our Glass Terrarium Kit - Fun And Easy To Grow - Plant A Mouse Garden That Will Last For Years - Great For Home Or Office
The mouse garden, named for both the indispensable computer tool and the scampering little creature! Create your own miniature world in a truly micro eco-system! The high-quality glass terrarium with its tiny plants looks fantastic anywhere and fits in everywhere! It is sure to start a conversation! Our Mouse Gardens require very little in the way of care or maintenance and will flourish for years! These delightful and charming plants are also known as Hens n’ Chicks. These unique rosette shaped succulents will produce little plants around them from runners. In fact, their Latin name means “to live forever!” Their beautiful leaves are tinged with a multitude of greens and maroons. Both the leaves and the flowers of the Star Plant are star shaped. They are easy to sprout, require almost no care or water, and will thrive for years in your mouse terrarium in a variety of light conditions.

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