Crystal Glass Garden Terrarium
Crystal Glass Garden Terrarium

Crystal Glass Garden Terrarium

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Grow your own Good Feelings. Attract Good Luck and ward away the waves of misfortune. Countless people have observed the power of the included Quartz Crystal Point to radiate positive energy and absorb negative energy in the areas around them. Water and glass only seem to increase the Crystal's amazing power. Eucalyptus, Lavender and Sweet Alyssum will sprout and flourish in the included high-quality 8 in. Glass Terrarium. Everything you need is included, the seeds, quartz crystal and growing medium- just add water. Our seeds are guaranteed to sprout and germinate for even the most novice of gardeners and plant lovers and enthusiasts alike. Grow your own powerful Crystal Glass Garden now.

  • Contains genuine quartz crystal
  • Concentrates positive energy and good vibes
  • Protects and stimulates your psyche
  • Promotes positivity, wellness and healing
  • Comes with everything you need- just add water
  • High-quality glass terrarium